About Us

We’re a value-driven group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives who work well together to bring creative and practical solutions to our brand partners.

People tend to start working with us because of our unparalleled reach to GenZ or our deep experiential marketing success. They keep working with us because we are nice people who relentlessly focus on their success.


Positively impact college students’ lives.

Generate joy through experiences for everyone.

By The Numbers
Direct Digital Student Reach
Brand Ambassadors
College & National Event Venues
Individual Brand Campaigns Created + Executed
Our Team
Steve Schubert

Co-Founder, and Senior Partner

Kristin Reedman


TJ Nolan

Senior Partner

About Mark Nolan
Mark Nolan


Dan Brice

Vice President, Business Development

Jason Colvin

Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

Julie Mehlenbacher

Director, Staffing

About Katie Brodowski
Katie Brodowski

Director, Client Services

About Savannah Bigler
Savannah Bigler

Sr Manager, Business Development

Erica Mount

Sr Manager, Client Services and Staffing

Chelsea Forcum

Director, Finance and Operations

Bradley Fischer

Manager, Strategy and Analytics

Jeff Thies

Manager, Client Services and Business Development

Alexis Gonzalez

Specialist, Graphic Design

Berlin Jespersen

Manager, Client Services

Mallory Pelon

Coordinator, Business Development

Weston Schulte

Manager, Client Services - Events & Routing

Chelsea Thompson

Manager, Staffing

Kirsten Wagner

Manager, Staffing

Awards Include:
Chief Marketer 200
6X Winner (2018-19-20-21-22-2023)
Event Marketer Top 100
Event Agency 'It List' (2015-21)
Pro and Ex Awards
Gold, Silver and Bronze Winner
Ex Awards 2019
Pro Awards
It List 2015
It List 2021
Ex Awards 2020
It List 2018
Pro Awards 2021
It List 2016
It List 2020
It List 2019
Pro Awards 2018
Chief Marketer 2023
Ex Awards
It List 2017
Pro Awards 2020
Ex Awards

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