Steve Schubert

Co-Founder, and Senior Partner

Steve started his career at Procter & Gamble, working four years in the U.S. and another four in Brussels and Prague where his focus evolved from finance into marketing and retail strategy. After consulting with Peppers & Rogers and then directly with Microsoft, Steve led strategic planning for the $2 billion Bath & Kitchen global division of American Standard.

Steve co-founded Newbridge Marketing Group to help brands better connect with college students and consolidate the college marketing industry. That led to significant work on campus and beyond in experiential. The entrepreneurial path has been filled with a lot of learnings, maybe the most important being the value of surrounding yourself with smart, optimistic, and creative people.

In his free time, Steve enjoys volunteering, getting out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature with his wife and four kids, and chipping away at his slowly improving Spanish language ability. He looks forward to traveling to distant places hopefully again soon!

Steve trivia: “Put our family on a baseball diamond, and all six of us will take a cut from the left side.”