APRIL FOOLS: NMG Forgoes Boomers for Zoomers: College-aged interns to replace current leadership as Co-CEOs

April 1, 2021 | Effective immediately: Rubyjoy Pikes (previously Marketing and Design Intern) and Blake Nygren (previously Computer Science Intern) will take on full control of Newbridge Marketing Group affairs. 

“We’ve been looking to take our college connections to the next level, and this seems like the best possible way to do it,” says former NMG Partner Steve Schubert. “As soon as I learn one TikTok dance, they’re already five dances ahead of me. I can’t keep up.”

“I concur with Steve. This is the only reasonable way forward,” TJ Nolan, fellow previous NMG Partner, notes. “As a Gen X’er, Millenials were already a tough nut to crack with their avocado toast and refusal to support the disposable napkin industry…but these Gen Z’ers are something else. I mean, who doesn’t like the crying laughing face emoji? It’s beyond me…but you know who it’s not beyond? Rubyjoy and Blake.” 

“We feel confident that these two Zoomers are the folks for the job, and that’s why we’ve decided to step down and let our future rest solely in their hands,” Mark Nolan, former NMG Partner, added. 

The two college sophomores of NMG feel incredibly positive about this next move. 

“As a leader in this game, the key is to always stay ahead in that game, and this move is just another great example of NMG doing exactly that,” said recently appointed Co-CEO Rubyjoy Pikes. “I’m excited to work together with Blake to really drive the future of college marketing forward before it’s too late, with the earth moving steadily toward its impending fiery end in the next couple of decades due to climate change. It’s amazing to be given this head start by our Boomer friends here at NMG.”

“It’s the vibes for me,” added Co-CEO Blake Nygren. “Rubyjoy and I have been multi-tasking since birth. Gen Z may not have invented the multi-task, but we’ve perfected it. I see no issue handling a full course load at school while running a company. Piece. Of. Cake.” 

Their first orders of business? Converting NMG’s entire social presence to TikTok; banning the use of video on all Zoom calls; including Harry Styles’ birthday, February 1st, as a company-wide holiday; and implementing casual dress every day of the week; wide-leg pants strongly encouraged. 

About Newbridge Marketing Group
A 16-year-old college marketing and brand experience agency, Newbridge Marketing Group (NMG) helps brands better engage with millions of college and high school students through targeted digital marketing, on-campus experiences, efficient recruiting strategies, and custom research. Under the student-facing brand Campus Collaborative, NMG works directly with college students to bring them unique opportunities, like Campus Brand Manager jobs, exclusive student offers, and career development events. Beyond the college audience, NMG connects brands to a wide variety of consumer segments through pop-up retail, food & beverage truck tours, special event creation, storytelling experiences, ambassador street teams, and more.