Verizon Exclusive Student Offers

In order to stay informed and thrive in today’s higher education system, college students need fast, reliable internet and phone service. We worked with Verizon Wireless to broadcast their exclusive student offerings and drive accessory sales for the three largest Verizon regions, which comprises 60% of the nation.


Staying connected

We identified campuses in close proximity to Verizon retail stores, then implemented a multi-pronged strategy to connect with students from every angle. During the busy fall back-to-school season, we activated 230 event days at more than 75 campuses across the country so local retail store staff could engage with students. Through distribution of 600,000 pieces of collateral via campus bookstores and online student retail channels, high impression signage, and a targeted digital media campaign complete with dedicated email, website banner ads and social media, we were able to pre-promote events, raise brand awareness and drive sales.

Campus Advertising for Verizon

A strong signal

This program provided a point of differentiation as compared to other wireless brands among the coveted college demographic and generated sales leads on campus for Verizon follow-up. Program sales results are confidential to client.

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