Razor Scooters On-Campus Marketing

Paralleling a semester-long Student Ambassador program, NMG partnered with Razor Scooters for two semesters in 2018 to put on a variety of on-campus events at targeted schools. The overarching program goal was to raise brand awareness and drive sales through product demos, special offer discounts, and social media integration. The program was executed on a total of 12 college campuses across the US.

Product demos and giveaways

On all of the 12 campuses, NMG organized and managed on-campus demo and giveaway events for students to drive future purchases and product awareness. To gain additional impressions and engagement with the brand, brand ambassadors worked with NMG to execute a social media hashtag giveaway, which offered students the chance to enter to win one of the demoed products on their campus.

The value of digital complementing in-person engagement

From interviewing and hiring brand ambassadors to executing product distribution and a social media giveaway, NMG and Razor collectively garnered 980 product demos across the 12 campuses and facilitated over 735 organic hashtag giveaway entries on Instagram, generating more than 100,000 social impressions.

in-person impressions
distributed discount cards
product demos