L.L.Bean Grand Openings

Each and every one of L.L.Bean’s brick and mortar stores contributes to its stronghold as an iconic American brand. We help them develop, produce and manage consumer experiences at each grand opening to drive excitement in the community and foot traffic into new stores.

Embracing expansion

L.L.Bean has opened 16 major retail stores over the past four years across 14 states. In managing the general production of all grand opening weekend festivities, local media coverage, partnerships and day-to-day planning, we ensure each grand opening event is tailored to its specific market — with the publicity to top it all off.

Taking it outside

Highlights of the grand openings have included rock climbing, birds of prey exhibits, cross country ski simulations, archery, fly casting, s’mores and more. Plus, the first 200 people in line for each grand opening received a gift card ranging in value from $10-$500. The best indicator of success? Repeat business (and mile-long lines).

grand openings executed in 2017