Hillshire Farm Food Truck Tour

There’s lunch meat—and then there’s Hillshire Farm lunch meat, made naturally with no fillers or artificial preservatives. We teamed up with America’s favorite sandwich complement to share their healthier ham, turkey, roast beef and more with the hungry public from a food truck.

Lunch, delivered

We customized a branded, farm-style food truck to handle mass sandwich sampling and routed a tour through state fairs and family festivals. To amplify the tour on social, we set up a photo booth, complete with fun props, so consumers could #hamitup and share photos with their networks. On top of that, consumers were asked to “Love It” by brand ambassadors with iPads. For every “Love It” received, a donation was made to #Lunchbag charity. The tour leveraged retail locations to support B2B relationships, in-store placement and sales.

Tasting the difference

Over a span of eight weeks on the road, we sampled thousands of sandwiches, enhancing the country’s perception of Hillshire Farm lunch meats. Additionally, we exceeded our donation goals to #Lunchbag.

sandwiches sampled
“Love It” donations