The Country Crock Plant Butter Sampling Tour

In a partnership with News America Marketing, NMG led the routing, staffing, production, and digital integration elements of the Nationwide Country Crock Plant Butter sampling tour at 10 large-scale festivals over a 5-week period in the summer of 2019.

Meticulous training and planning

The tour aimed to share the value and benefits of plant-based butter versus traditional dairy butter by distributing samples to festival attendees as they were leaving events and grounds. The exit sampling kept event and production costs down and allowed consumers to bring samples directly home to put in the fridge.

NMG targeted festivals with over 150,000 attendees to build the tour route for the 26’ refrigerated box truck. We also hired, trained, and managed the brand ambassadors who distributed samples from large, branded cooler bins and drove sign-ups to the sweepstakes, which helped install brand loyalty and built a large email list for Country Crock.

Sampling on a national scale

Over the 5-week period, NMG helped to distribute 337,770 full-sized product samples and circulated over 200,000 recipe cards to consumers upon festival exit. With an estimated 2.1 million travel and event impressions throughout the tour, Country Crock raised awareness for the brand and product, put samples in consumer’s hands, and built a significant email list of sweepstakes entrants.

samples distributed
branded recipe cards distributed