Brew Dr Kombucha Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Student Ambassadors

During the 2018-19 school year, NMG partnered with Brew Dr Kombucha, a Portland-based kombucha beverage brand, to execute their first-ever student ambassador program on five target campuses over a ten-week period each semester.

Brand building through content and influence

Campuses were chosen based on Brew Dr.’s sales regions and retailers close to or located on campus. Through a combination of social media engagement and on-campus events, the ambassadors drove education, awareness, and brand engagement for Brew Dr. The Fall ambassadors also created content and buzz surrounding the launch of their new canned kombucha, and the ambassadors played a promotional role in that product launch and initial growth.

Hiring on-brand students is key

NMG recruited and selected college students who aligned with the brand, lifestyle, and program goals through a highly selective application and interview process. Upon hiring, the ambassadors participated in immersive virtual training and presentations from both NMG and Brew Dr. Throughout each semester, the ambassadors were responsible for creating unique social media content and engaging on campus which ultimately drove product awareness, sales, and leads.

Driving sales and awareness

By the end of the campaigns, the ambassadors executed 292 posts under the personalized #GoodforCampus & #GoodForHumans hashtags, which plays on Brew Dr’s #GoodforHumans motto. Overall, the Brew Dr Kombucha student ambassador program helped raise awareness across the college space and beyond the local campuses where the ambassadors were working.

social media impressions
product samples
on-campus event impressions