The Brew Dr. Kombucha Food Truck Tour

The kombucha industry is rapidly growing as large numbers of consumers are making more health-conscious decisions. Brands within the category have a unique opportunity to convert potential consumers, many of whom have yet to taste kombucha, into loyal fans through sampling and education.

We partnered with Brew Dr. Kombucha, a leading Portland-based kombucha brand well-known for its flavor variety and B-Corp status, to bring kombucha, kombucha popsicles, and kombucha slushies to the streets of New York City. We wanted the people of NYC to discover how good kombucha can be.

Discover How Good Kombucha Can Be

The Brew Dr. Kombucha Beverage Truck brought a pop of color and excitement to the streets while introducing consumers to several flavors of Brew Dr. Kombucha, including two new Summer specials.  By taking the truck to well-attended events around the city and parking near strategic retail partners and at locations like the Food Network, we built valuable trial and education while driving sales to strategic retailers.

The kick-off to summer is a great time to delight consumers with fun and tasty ways to beat to heat.  Homemade popsicles and slushies made with Brew Dr. Kombucha are our creative twists on the product designed to generate new consumer usage occasions.  Based on the reactions of adults and kids alike, it’s going to be a great summer in the city.