Newbridge Partner and Co-Founder Steve Schubert Featured in “B2B Growth” Podcast

A popular podcast about growing your B2B company featuring real professionals in the space.

Steve Schubert, Newbridge’s Partner and Co-Founder, made an appearance on Sweet Fish Media’s “B2B Growth” Podcast, which has been recognized by Forbes as being a top-rated podcast for business. In his episode, “3 Key ROI Insights Into Experiential Marketing,” Schubert discusses on-the-ground insights gleaned from working with brands in the experiential space and evolving opportunities for brands to leverage live engagements for competitive advantage across the supply chain. Listen to this episode on the Sweet Fish Media website or with the audio below.

About Newbridge Marketing Group
Founded in 2004, Newbridge Marketing Group is a brand experience agency. In their college marketing work, Newbridge consolidates a fragmented market via relationships on over 2,000 campuses, providing brands with efficient and relevant digital and in-person access to students and parents. In their award-winning experiential business, growth is fueled by mobile event tours, student ambassador and influencer programs and grand opening activations. For additional information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @newbridgemg.

About Sweet Fish Media & “B2B Growth”
Sweet Fish Media is a podcast agency focused on producing interview-based podcasts for B2B brands and HR teams. The agency’s popular podcast, “B2B Growth,” a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth, has been named in Forbes as a top-ranked podcast for business.