Four Tips for Brand Ambassadors During the Event Industry Pause

In a time where events are on hold and consumers are holing themselves up in their homes to avoid spreading COVID-19, we’re seeing talented brand ambassadors stuck at home without the ability to do what they love and what they’re good at. 

No industry is unaffected by the challenges of the current global environment, and it’s more important than ever for brands and agencies to support the people that make their work happen when things are running normally, especially brand ambassadors who now find themselves temporarily out of work. 

As an agency that works with thousands of brand ambassadors through our various events, we compiled some useful tips and resources to support those who normally support us and our brand partners. 

Instead of falling victim to cabin fever while sheltering in place, here are some things brand ambassadors can do in their free time to get ready for business to relaunch when coronavirus has settled down. 

1. Update Your Resume & Staffing Database Profile

In order to get jobs when the industry picks back up, Staffing Managers need to know exactly who you are, where you are, what you can offer to an activation, and why they should hire you for their brand. Updating your profile with tags, a new location if you’ve recently moved, and all your relevant experience from recent work is critical for getting future jobs. 

2. Take New Photos / Headshots

While professional headshots are a great way to stand out to recruiters, we realize they are not in everyone’s budget. Luckily, there are some easy ways to make a simple cell phone photo look just as good as a professional one and stand out just as well to Staffing Managers. 

Spend some time while you’re stuck inside giving your headshots and profile photos an update. Don’t forget to take BOTH headshots and full-body shots to give the Staffing Manager a full picture of who you are to complement your profile. 

Here are a few more Do’s and Don’ts when you decide to tackle this task in your downtime: 

  • DO: Make sure you look well put together, professional, and tidy when you take your photos. Photographers always recommend darker colors and no excessive makeup when taking professional profile photos.
  • DON’T: Wear a lot of distracting patterns or inappropriate clothing in your photos. Professionalism = simplicity! 
  • DO: Take photos on a real camera if you have one or use Portrait mode on your iPhone. If you don’t have either, the free Lightroom App can help take a lower quality phone image and turn it into a beautiful image for your profile. 
3. Update Certifications & Licenses

Many activations these days involve handing out food to others and having a ServSafe certification can make you more likely to be hired for a gig. 

Luckily for BA’s, the certification is fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain from the comforts of your home and following the recommended rules for social distancing and staying home. If you don’t have it already, take the time to get one (and don’t forget to add it to your profile!). 

For BA’s aiming for those Tour Manager positions this summer and beyond, a commercial driver’s license (or CDL) can be the important (and necessary) edge in your application. 

While many DMV’s might have restrictions on in-person skills exams while we are fighting COVID-19, you can still fill out applications, take online practice tests, and get ready for all the in-person qualifications once all this craziness is (hopefully) over this summer. 

4. Expand Your Horizons

The more staffing databases you’re in, the more likely you are to reel in more consistent work from various agencies throughout the year. While you’re spending significant time on your couch looking for the best use of your time, snoop around for some new databases to create a profile with. 

Of course, Newbridge is always looking for outgoing and professional brand ambassadors with a variety of skills and personalities to represent our brand partners at activations. If you haven’t already, create a profile in our database to be notified when we begin staffing events again.