Emma Stephens

Campus Outreach Associate

Emma joined the Newbridge team in the Summer of 2021 working as a Campus Collaborative & Campus Causes intern. She has completed her Sophomore year at Hamilton College, where she plans to complete a degree in Public Policy, with an Economics minor. Emma has developed skills in problem-solving and collaborating with others through her on-campus job connecting alumni to students. Emma loves finding new ways to market events and make them seem interesting to students on campus. She is excited to use these skills to help grow the Campus Collaborative database and find new leads for Campus Causes.

In her free time, Emma enjoys playing field hockey, anything to do with the ocean, and reading (particularly any new fiction books).

Emma Trivia: “Over quarantine, my friends and I developed a new love of road biking. We decided to make our own personal road race, and biked 100 miles last summer!”