Marina Pleasant

Senior Manager- Staffing (Contractor)

Marina comes from a wide variety of experience in Experiential Marketing. In 2009 when she was pursuing a Modeling career, another model on set asked her if she wanted to work at an event getting consumers to sign up for a raffle. This opened doors for many other events that she worked part time for a few years & in 2013 when she moved from Atlanta to Southern California, she decided to work events full time. She quickly gained experience as an event manager , field market manager & product specialist. In 2021 she decided to shift to working more behind the scenes, her first program was a huge Initiative to get vaccines to the residents of LA & Orange County in Southern California during the rise of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This program and many more programs to follow , would give her experience in recruitment, staffing & account management. When Marina is off, she loves traveling with her husband and son, she also enjoys a good brunch & watching a new tv series or movie.

Marina Triva: “I love laser tag & have played in professional tournaments”