Jennifer Alvarado

Coordinator, Client Services

Jennifer joined the Newbridge team in Summer 2021 as a Social Media and Customer Success Associate. She just completed her Junior year at the University of Portland and is already feeling early symptoms of senioritis. She is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and Organizational Communication.

Jennifer enjoys the creative side of marketing and finds interest in the critical side of communication. She is very observant of people, and the world around her and is excited to convey this information through her internship working on social media and seeking brand partnership opportunities.

While not buried in homework or working, you can find Jennifer at the local Hollywood District Trader Joe’s, on her daily 4-mile runs, or in her car blasting music – just for fun.

Jennifer Trivia: “I totally thought Santa was real up until I was 14. I walked into my parents’ room late at night and found them wrapping presents – my heart was shattered. Kind of surprised they kept the gig up for so long!”